A Dream Becomes Reality

Healers Unite Collaboration:

In 2016, we continue to collaborate with healers around the globe to create a magazine about and for healers.

It is my pleasure to open a discussion with you about becoming a contributing author for Healers Unite Magazine. if we receive healthy feedback we would promote you to a featured columnist. Email me at

If we receive healthy feedback we promote you to a featured columnist. Email me at karen@gotocoach.net karen@gotocoach.net

Advertising & Offers:

There are many opportunities to advertise in the magazine by posting photo-link and gating opportunities, all advertising will be at no cost, but might want to assist us in our endeavors by offering an affiliate link.

All articles and advertising must meet FTC, FCC and ICF/ICA laws, ethics, truth and fairness in advertising.
Using the 80%/20% Rule: 80% content an education and 20% of the article may be used for promotions for courses, books, CD’s, programs and offers for services.

Article Size & Content:

Articles are to be:

400-500 words
Include 1 photo to emphasize article point
Accompanied by 1 advertising block
No more than 3 text links to promote your website please
Submit a 100-word bio with photo, if you are not already a columnist
Article will adhere to the focus of the magazine

We will focus on four areas of healing & promotion: Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Body Awareness, Spiritual Centered Work and Heart-Based Leadership, Heart-Centered Business Tools and resources.

Articles will promote either directly or indirectly the values of integrity, responsibility, accountability and authenticity.

All disclosures statements must be added to the bottom of the article in a clear and concise manner.

Articles will not promote products or services directly, may, however, be used to present inspiration, authentication, and testimonial stories of the use of a particular modality, product or service.

Advertising on the sidebar is available either through affiliate advertising or direct pay to promote any service or product. These services or products must educate, inspire, or further serve the reader through the purchase of a product or service.
Additional advertising may be available through a sponsorship support package, email info@bizrichment.com for more information.

You may only submit 1 article per month unless you are a featured columnist. All articles must be approved prior to visibility on the site.

Featured Authors:

During 2016, at Healers Unite Magazine, featured authors have fewer restrictions.

You may post any time you like, about anything you like, as often as you like. 

I will approve articles once a week, instead of once a month. In that way if an article is submitted it can be read as soon as possible. 

If you have a critical post, you can email me about an article that you would like to have published and I will review it as soon as possible.

A newsletter will be sent to all subscribers, your article, if approved will be highlighted in the newsletter with a link to the article.
If you become a featured columnist you will receive details from the publisher.

Article Format:

If you have already been approved as an author you will receive a login and password to post your article.

If this is your first time to publish an article for Healers Unite Magazine, please send format in either word or a txt file.
Do not indent article
Use font size 14, if available
Use font style: Calibri for headings of article, if available (if not available use Arial font style) Use font style: Cambria for body of text, if available (if not available use Arial font style)

We have found that people like it short, sweet, and to the point. Honoring our readers we request that your article be between 400-500 words. Get to the point quickly and ask for feedback from your readers.


Submit your logo and/or a photo of you
A photo to emphasize the point of the article.
The emphasizing photo will be embedded in the article
Your logo or personal photo is to be submitted with your bio
All images within the body of the article need to be 250×250 pixels at 300dpi
(If you are emailing me your article, please send images separately not embedded in the article)
The Slider Feature recommended image sizes 480px. x 260px.


Excerpts are featured on the front page telling our readers a little bit about your article. You want to add this information to your post in the Excerpt section of the magazine post. This information is a summary of an article in Excerpt field on Post Edit screen. This field is not displayed in the post edit screen by default. To enable it a user needs to click on Screen Options button on the top right corner of post edit screen and then enable it. This option is available to all authors.


Chose one Category for your article. If you choose more than one category Google penalizes your for this action and lowers your searchability through its search engine. The Categories available to your are; Body, Healing Naturally, Mind, Personal Growth, and Spirit. If you would like a new category please email info@bizrichment.com 


Tag your article. Separate your tags with commas.

Common tags: attitude, balance, business, business coaching, caretakers, clients, coach, coaching, communication conscious living consciousness, consumer, cooperation, emotional energy, energy healing. healer, healers unite, healers unite magazine, life balance, life coach, living consciously, love, metaphysical, mindset mission, personal development, products, relationships, relax, self-care, small business, spiritual development, stress, support, universe vibration

To Become A Regular Author:

Submit your request to karen@gotocoach.net after review you could become a regular contributor.

If the feedback received is favorable, you could receive a Featured Author position.

Submission Rejection Policy:

For our community to continue its mission all submission must promote Healthy Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Body Awareness, Spiritual Centered Work and Heart-Based Leadership. An article may be rejected if it adds, from the editors point of view, negative energy or the submission is not in alignment with our goals. If an article is rejected, we reserve the right to offer the author a free one-time strategy session to learn a more healthy mindset and a commitment to more natural and health oriented ways of life.

Occasionally typographical errors have been discovered in agreements and event promotions, please help us maintain the highest integrity and alert us of any typographical errors, general errors or omissions.

BizRichment™ the sponsor of Healers Unite Magazine does not accept liability for any errors or omissions within the coaching/mentoring agreement that may occur as a result of poor communication lack of integrity, or even just being “overlooked” on the part of the author or reader.  BizRichment™ agrees to stand in authenticity, integrity and responsibility to serve the entire community with the full intention of mutual success and satisfaction to create a profitable and long lasting relationships for all involved.

Nothing herein should be construed as medical advice as each idea is intended for support of the reader’s spiritual process and self-healing in their life and business. It is our intent to expand the thought of the reader, to open up the mind to possibilities – thus creating the substance of expanded thought.

By using the mind to move energy in and out of our sphere of influence to create success in their business through clearly knowing their vision, who they serve, how they serve, and what limitations they have set up in their way. Through this course, you will set up strategies to unblock the roadblocks and begin your journey a whole new way. It is through this process that creation of substance is produced; thereby, simply beginning to play with the idea, we begin to create. Authors and readers alike, use all services at their own risk. Becoming consciously aware that your life is your own creation use intelligence and common sense with all information throughout the entire site.


Healers Unite A Dream

I had a dream that healers around the world would come out of hiding and help create world peace. You know, I always wanted to inspire healers to come out of their shell and get known for what they do. Create an inner dimension of peace for their communities.

The theme for the Healers Unite Magazine is an inspiration, self-care, conscious living, green living, cooperation, collaboration, modality awareness and of course exposure for our authors.

This group was developed as an opportunity for natural health and well-being practitioners from any modality to form community and share techniques, inspiration and expertise. An excellent opportunity to build your referral network, build your list, sell your products and merchandise and build community with others who share your commitment to more natural and health oriented ways of life.

For our visitors, this was a place to find healers, practitioners and products to aid in of their health and well-being. There is also a wealth of information and resources to inform and enlighten you in expanding the possibilities of the powerful creator that you are.

Contact information: karen@gotocoach.net


2 Responses to A Dream Becomes Reality

  1. Jason Hauser says:


    I intend that healers and lightworkers in the new paradigm consciously release the old ways of competition and instead embrace the new era of cooperation and creativity, leading the way by example for a new and exhilarating society where humans and animals have all they need…health and wealth is abundant…and the need to dominate others for money or power has no meaning. We have all we ever need from Divine Providence, we have just to ask. So be it.

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