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Angela Schaefers and I have had a great friendship over the years, I met her when I was looking for radio shows to promote my book. I saw her 140 characters on twitter, that said “Listen to encouraging & inspiring stories on #YourStoryMatters at via @StoriesByAngela”

That first conversation lasted over two hours. She did interview me, you can find the interview on her archive on Your Story Matters if you’re interested. That’s what she does, she interviews people who have interesting stories, she coaches, she blogs, but most of all she helps people share their stories as she shares her own.

This year Angela found her way onto TEDxUCIrvine: Collaborating Forward series.


Here is how to reach Angela:

Angela Schaefers

Twitter: Follow @StoriesByAngela who shares tweets to encourage you to share your story.

FaceBook: Follow Angela Schaefers on FaceBook provides individual and group coaching to share your story!

#YourStoryMatters #YouMatter- Changing the world one story at a time!

Listen to encouraging & inspiring stories on #YourStoryMatters show at

From Angela’s New Book, Your Story Matters, You Matter – A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story… “Whoever told you that you are not valuable and needed in the world, that you do not have a place and a purpose, lied to you. It is up to you to choose to believe truth vs. the lies. Are you ready?”


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